Framtid: Defeat of Civilization 12"

Black Water Records


Who would have thought that 2013 would see a new Framtid LP, let alone getting to see the band live in the USA? I certainly didn't, and the mere prospect seemed to incite Framtidmania among the US punk cognoscenti. Well, I'm pleased to say that the mighty Framtid delivered on all accounts. Their performances in Texas were jaw-dropping, and this new LP is an absolute crust monster. On the surface it's hard to tell what makes Framtid so next-level, but they certainly are... they're just heavier, meaner, and more crushing than any other band in the world attempting to play crust punk. In a word, they're perfect, and if you have any interest at all in modern crust punk you need to get this LP in your collection post-haste. Black Water Records

Tags: 10s bfsale D-beat Japan noisy