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Food and Money: 1979-1982 12"

Food and Money: 1979-1982 12"

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This anthology collects Food & Money’s entire discography into one release. It also features unreleased bonus tracks. This album includes their sought after first 7” "Economic Bullies" (1980). It also includes their only other proper release, the live cassette "No Loafers" (1982).

21 songs total, 6 previously unreleased.

Springfield Illinois’ Food & Money formed in the waning years of the 1970’s. They were a musical fish out of water among the honky-tonkin’ bar-rocking cover bands of central Illinois circa 1979. Not content with the ubiquitous middle of the road FM radio rock of their peers, Food & Money played absurd, funky, socially conscious, sarcastic new wave and were pioneers of weird in the mostly conservative midwest scene.

Food & Money played Chicago’s early new wave scene with appearances at TUTS (along side the Corrosives and the Lubricants!). They headlined the first Vertabrats show in Champaign / Urbana’s burgeoning power pop scene. They also made appearances in St Louis and played live on public access TV. During their original run they recorded one 7” EP and a live cassette album.