Feels: Close My Eyes 7"

Feels: Close My Eyes 7"

Tags: · 10s · Bf2019 · hcpmf · melodic · punk · spo-default · spo-disabled
Wink And Spit
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Released on WINK AND SPIT Records, 2016


Limited to 100 copies on FLUORESECENT YELLOW vinyl *SOLD OUT*
Limited to 200 copies on STANDARD BLACK vinyl

FEELS is Laena Geronimo, Shannon Lay, Amy Allen, Michael Rudes.

"Close My Eyes" recorded on July 15th, 2015 and mixed July 24th, 2015 at Val's in Los Angeles, CA by Ty Segall. Mastered by J.J. at Golden Mastering.

"Gwen" recorded and mixed on November 23rd, 2015 at Skylab Studio in Los Angeles, CA by Tommy Dietrick. Mastered by Andrew Schubert at Golden Beat Recording.

Both songs written and performed by FEELS, except for additional backing vocals on "Close My Eyes" by Ty Segall.

Cover Artwork by Sina Grace based on photograph by Takayuki Okada. Layout by Jeff Fribourg.