Faze: Faze 2016 cassette

Runstate Tapes


Cassette release from this new band out of Montreal.

Our take: Demo cassette from this killer new band out of Montreal. While Faze are undoubtedly a hardcore band, I'd say that they're a lot more than that as well. In particular, they seem to incorporate the driving pulse of Wipers-inspired post-punk into their sound as well without losing any of the toughness and aggression. It's really just the rhythms of these songs that have that Wipers esque feel... the guitars are thick and gritty (with, I'm pretty sure, just a touch of chorus) and not really melodic at all, but the rhythm section has that relentless forward momentum that, to me, was always the real calling card for those first 3 Wipers LPs. I should probably stop talking about the Wipers now, because Faze don't really sound like them at all... like I said, they're a hardcore band and the singer screams and rants but somehow still manages to produce sounds that you want to scream and rant along with. The whole thing adds up to something really remarkably original, fresh, and exciting. Very highly recommended.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk recommended yoobl