Extreme Noise Terror: S/T 12" (new)

Deep Six Records


The proper ENT sound is well and truly back. Taking those Discharge-inspired riffs, smashing them through the Sweden-meets-Japan grinder and then turning the heat and pace up to eleven. These twelve new songs and a cover of Japanese legends Outo offer a relentless barrage of noise, with the trademark twin vocal attack barely in control. One of the original demonic duo, Phil Vane sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but his replacement Ben is a more than fitting tribute, as he trades off guttural roars with Dean. What I have always loved about ENT is that buried under the noise you have some hard-hitting catchy guitar riffing, but the overall effect is still just as facemelting as it ever was. Returning to the style of "A Holocaust In Your Head" . If this is noise, not music, then damn it’s a beautiful noise.
Tags: 10s crust d-beat uk