Era del Vacio: S/T 12"

Cintas Pepe Records


Anybody tracking this label knows how much I love the community of folks behind Tercer Mundo/Muerte/Cintas Pepe Records/Inservibles/etc. And anyone paying attention to the recorded output of these bands can probably tell that these guys have a lot of love and appreciation for goth. So you can imagine my anticipation and excitement when they tell me Dave Rata, Roger, and Eumir have a goth band with a full LP recorded. And imagine my blissful reaction when I hear these recordings. Great goth music, with the energy and momentum of punk, captured on a warm and raw recording that gives both the vibrancy and lo-fi desperation you want to hear. I think this band stands a few degrees above most of the other trend goth/post-punk kinda bands by virtue of being more energetic and having higher quality/better crafted songs and riffs (wait....isn't this kinda what makes all these guys' bands so good? hmmmm.....).

Our take: Another post-punk stomper released concurrently with the Muerte LP on the great Cintas Pepe label. While the Muerte LP embodies the loose-and-raw quality that I associate with a lot of Mexican punk and hardcore (both new and old), this Era del Vacio LP is an altogether more polished affair, much more streamlined in its approach and, dare I say it, more accessible as well. While it's not quite as poppy as the comparison might lead you to believe, there's a very Chameleons-esque quality to this LP, particularly the thoughtfulness in the way that both the songs and the record as a whole are structured. The songs also have what sounds like a bit of a psych-rock influence running through them... like moments on the Muerte LP, I'm tempted to compare parts of this to the kind of driving, slowly-evolving, yet still hardcore-informed psych jams that Destruction Unit specializes in. Unlike a lot of bands, Era del Vacio do a great job of cultivating a consistent and engaging vibe across the LP, and consequently this is a record you can really get lost in. While it doesn't have quite the same level of originality as the Muerte stuff, this is certainly worth of its inclusion in the impeccable Cintas Pepe catalog.
Tags: 10s death rock goth-punk mexico post-punk recommended