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Endless Chaos: S/T 7"

Endless Chaos: S/T 7"

Tags: · 10s · hardcore · hcpmf · Japan · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled
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Straight from the countrysided southern Kyushu Island Myakonojô city, these 3 guys delivers here their first record since they started about 10 years ago. 4 songs of blitzkrieg attack thrashing songs, somewhere between Nightmare and Skizophrenia, they like to describe themselves as "real authentic japanese Hardcore". Small city punks rule !!!!

Our take: While this Japanese hardcore band from the reportedly tiny southern Kyushu Island city of Myakonojô have been together for over 10 years, this 4-song 7" marks their debut vinyl release, and I have to say it is a STONE COLD PUMPER. Japanese hardcore--like a lot of genres that have the twinge of "epic" about them--can get really cheesy really quickly, but Endless Chaos are just perfect. In terms of comparisons, they remind me of a 50/50 mixture of Wings Continue to Strive-era D.S.B. and Give Notice-era Nightmare. They have Nightmare's thrashing intensity, rarely dipping below a full-bore, high-speed assault, but they also have the memorable riffs and great songwriting of D.S.B. Amazingly, their songs manage to feel anthemic despite the fact that there aren't really shout-along choruses (or, at least, I can't understand them because I don't speak Japanese!). Endless Chaos don't have the intricate, metallic, Death Side-esque leads that a lot of bands see as the signature flourish of this style, but the true Japanese hardcore heads knows that catchy leads are just icing on the very delicious cake. If you like that late Selfish Records / early Blood Sucker Records era of Japanese hardcore I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

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