Elliott Smith: New Moon 12" (new)

Elliott Smith: New Moon 12" (new)

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Well I guess rappers aren’t the only ones posthumously releasing albums anymore huh? Ok, joking aside we all know that Elliott Smith was one of the most phenom song writers of our generation.  He was also quite prolific, and during the height of his career with Heatmiser Elliott Smith continued to record and track dozens of solo songs of his own.  Many of these songs Kill Rock Stars released on his 2nd and 3rd full lengths, S/T and Either/ Or.  There were many songs recorded during these sessions that were used as singles or on compilations and due to the sheer volume of them, there were several that have never been heard until now. All recorded between 1994 and 1997, these songs are as gentle and moving as anything on the proper full lengths of that era.  Packaging comes with extensive technical liner notes for each track. Total collector’s dream.

When Elliott Smith died late in 2003, he took with him one of the unique songwriting gifts of his generation: part folk grandeur, part punk fury, and virtually bottomless in eight short years of solo recordings. Thankfully for that generation, and many to come, he left behind two dozen songs that his Portland, Oregon, producer and pal Larry Crane has crafted into a retrospective celebration of Elliott Smith's contribution to music. Mostly house-recorded demos plucked from the fertile three years that followed his 1994 debut Roman Candle (including an early take of 'Miss Misery'), there's an eminent clarity to these songs that makes them sound like they were recorded yesterday. A lone acoustic guitar is the general accompaniment to Elliott Smith's lamenting wail, his self-deprecating lyrics forever a contrast to the sheer beauty of the melodies. 'What are you doing hanging out with me?' he asks in 'Whatever (Folk Song in C),' his double-tracked harmonies mocking both Simon and Garfunkel. Along with fragile versions of 'Angel in the Snow,' 'Looking over My Shoulder,' and a cover of Big Star's 'Thirteen,' it's as eternal as anything Elliott Smith offered when he was with us, and, as one of several shining moments, makes you forget he ever left.

Elliott Smith New Moon Track Listing

1. Angel In The Snow  
2. Talking To Mary
3. High Times  
4. New Monkey  
5. Looking Over My Shoulder  
6. Going Nowhere  
7. Riot Coming  
8. All Cleaned Out  
9. First Timer  
10. Go By  
11. Miss Misery  
12. Thirteen  
14. Georgia, Georgia  
15. Whatever  
16. Big Decision  
17. Placeholder  
18. New Disaster  
19. Seen How Things Are Hard  
20. Fear City  
21. Either/Or  
22. Pretty Mary K  
23. Almost Over  
24. See You Later  
25. Half Right