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EkeBuba: Rat Bite cassette

EkeBuba: Rat Bite cassette

Tags: · 10s · 77&KBD · garage · hardcore · punk · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled
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After their first offering called "Rat Bite", Eke Buba are back with five new raw cuts clocking in barely five minutes!

Properly executed garage punk on the verge of hardcore is still their main weapon, so you can recognize their early USHC influences, especially from bands on the Flex Your Head comp (The Untouchables!); throw in some proper garage chaos that the Reatards were known for, mix it together with some Career Suicide/Brutal Knights-style riffs, add an unlimited amount of amphetamine and you get Eke Buba. Well, not really, but pretty damn close!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is unique "speed of light punk" for the new millennium - we doubt it could get faster than Eke Buba!

Tape is limited to 100 copies!