Eel: S/T 7"

Beach Impediment Records


After a bit of down time since their last record, EEL has emerged from whatever local Pittsburgh landfill they came from with some more sonic blasts of the blown out noise infused hardcore punk pounders that they’ve made themselves known for with their past few releases. This particular slab features three original rippers followed by a DISORDER cover to close it all out. Each record comes in a full color glue pocket sleeve featuring some stunning cover art by Denis Boardman of the legendary UK band DOOM. Also included is a 14”x14” poster with a rather intricate black and white collage done by the band’s own 1984.

Our take: Man, Eel are so freaking great! I remember a few years ago there were a million bands doing the whole Confuse / Gai / Swankys style of noisecore, and Eel always seemed to get pegged as one of those bands (which I may have even done myself), but they've always transcended the genre for me. Now that that style isn't so popular maybe people can hear them with fresh ears and realize how much is going on here. While the aforementioned bands' influence is certainly present, I hear a lot of the great early, ADK Records-style Japanese punk in Eel's sound (especially when you get those creepy-sounding leads) and there's also some of the more complicated riffing of straightforward USHC. Even though it's all pretty fast and noisy, I can't think of another band that combines these influences in a way that's even remotely similar... if you you know your hardcore history you'll be blown away by just how original and powerful Eel are. At the end of the day, though, it's still fast, loud, and powerful, so whether you're coming at this as a punk scholar or someone who just likes loud and crazy music this is still highly recommended.
Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore noise punk noisy raw recommended