Dye: Savages with Power cassette

Super Secret Records

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This tape consists of what was to be DYE's 1st ep. After a member moved to Portland, the band decided to just do a tape and a limited lathe 7" since they had no plans on touring (The band is not broken up though) and didn't want to leave a label stuck with a bunch records.
Ok, after 2 tapes DYE returns with 4 songs of simple yet tough 1-2-1-2 pogo punk you have come to expect from them. Again the main focus is on the strong rhythm section while the vocals are as angry and hateful towards the police and all authority figures as before. Influenced by Chaos UK, the Germs, and The Dicks (Not all influence comes from music, but ideas and attitude). Mastered by Dan Randall. Limited to 200 copies. Pro tape/shrink wrapped.

Our take: Would-be debut EP from this Austin, Texas band, released as a tape rather than adding to the world's bulging stock of 7" hardcore vinyl. We've carried a handful of Dye tapes in recent memory, and these four tracks are definitely the best distillation of the band's sound... as I've mentioned before, they have a pogo-infused hardcore sound that is definitely of a piece with fellow Austin bands like Glue and Strutter, and the powerful recording and explosive performance on display here are noteworthy.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended texas yoobl