Dronez: Corporate Funded Terror 7"

Ryvvolte Records


Debut vinyl from this Philadelphia band and it'll peel the paint right off your walls! Dronez clearly come from the school of "everything heavier than everything else," metallic, Swedish-style d-beat. If your record collection includes both older artists like Anti-Cimex and Doom as well as newer bands like Skemäta and Perdition then this is going to be for you... it's a recipe that's at least a couple of decades old now--two parts Motorhead, 3 parts Discharge--but when it's done right it never fails to hit that sweet spot. It's refreshing that Dronez are also remarkably free of d-beat cliches... even their band name seems to indicate that they're self-consciously updating the Discharge template for modern times. Basically, though, if you like it fast, loud, and crusty this is a band that should be on your radar. Crushing! Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies with screen printed jackets, by the way.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore philadelphia recommended yoobl