Dillinger Escape Plan: Dissociation 12" (new)

Dillinger Escape Plan: Dissociation 12" (new)

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Sixth & Rumored Final Album Before An Extended Hiatus / Limited Edition 2LP-Set with Etching

Rock juggernaut The Dillinger Escape Plan - vocalist Greg Puciato, guitarist Ben Weinman, bassist Liam Wilson, drummer Billy Rymer and guitarist Kevin Antreassian – return with Dissociation, their sixth studio effort and potentially their last, before an extended hiatus. Dissociation is a product of the recent collaboration of the band's Party Smasher Inc. label with Cooking Vinyl and promises to be their most adventurous to date.

The band tracked drums at Vudu Studio on Long Island. Guitars and bass were recorded at Party Smasher Studio in NJ with producer Steve Evetts. Half the vocals were recorded at Steve's studio in Long Beach and the others with producer Josh Wilbur at his home studio. Then additional guitars and sound design was done in Weinman's own personal studio. The album was then mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity in Boston, MA. Lead single, "Limerent Death" Weinman says "is one of my all-time favorite DEP songs. I feel that this song is one of the rare instances where all the members are feeling, and conveying, the same energy from start to end. A sharp focused dagger plowing its way through thick heavy walls."

The Dillinger Escape Plan's sound is unlike that of any other band, but that has been the inspiration for many that have followed. The New York Times described it best when they said, "If you really want to know these songs – metal through the jazz-rock filter of Allan Holdsworth and Mahavishnu Orchestra – you have to listen repeatedly and concentrate. Increasingly it's a composer's music...a haywire, acrobatic combustion that occurs in almost every song."