Digital Leather: All Faded 12"

FDH Records

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DIGITAL LEATHER has been serving up a steady diet of heavy synth driven dark pop for years. All Faded blasts through 11 tracks in just over a half hour. Five people making heavy, synth-forward music. They use a lot of Moogs. SHAWN FOREE began Digital Leather as a one-man bedroom thing in Arizona, releasing records on a ton of labels (Fat Possum, Goner, Volar, etc). After relocating to Omaha Nebraska a band formed. They toured around and as a band Digital Leather recorded All Faded. It’s the first album with a full band. The record sounds huge in comparison to the earlier efforts. Big drums,thick bass, great guitars, and of course biting synth-leads courtesy of THE FAINT's TOOD FINK. Torment, darkness and hangovers fuel All Faded. But does that make it a downer? All Faded is cohesive. It’s undoubtedly Digital Leather’s best record. A new page for a band reborn. They will take you into the future with them. Baptized in the vibration of a thousand LFOs.
Tags: 10s 65804 garage punk synth-punk yoobl