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Die Group / Tenement Rats: Split 7"

Die Group / Tenement Rats: Split 7"

Tags: · 10s · 77 & KBD · garage · hcpmf · punk · recommended
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Split 7” by L.A. based Die Group and Tenement Rats by both in stark contrast.

DIE GROUP composed drum vocals Reuben, Eric(you know as well Big Arm) and Shaun has an impressive 70's Punk / KBD succession style like thickness SF’s Sleepers.

The sound that progresses at the middle tempo, together with the disturbing effected vocals, determines the sound of this band.

And TENEMENT RATS have raw snotty vocals, a cool 8 beat(after Marked Men) and Late UK70's-Early 80's Punk Rock.

The Sound well-defined and stuck in our head is never pop but opposite.

We put out this record for their Japanese tour from 30th Nov to 8th Dec.