Deskarriados: Maketa Grabada En Mad Box, Bello Monte 7"

Sint Emores Records

$3.00 $6.00

Archival release from this Venezuelan punk/HC band from 1990. Like a lot of other countries in South America, it seems from this that those scenes lagged behind the rest of the world a bit, as the sounds coming out of there circa 1990 sound a lot like the sounds coming from other countries ten years earlier. That's certainly not a complaint, though, as this 7" is a raw little ripper! You can definitely hear some residual Sex Pistols influence, particularly in the slow parts, but the simple and direct fast parts recall other South American greats like Olho Seco. Something about this also reminds me of first-gen Scandinavian punk like (very) early Rattus as well.

Tags: 90s punk spanish-langage yoobl