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Denim & Leather: 2nd 7" (new)

Denim & Leather: 2nd 7" (new)

Tags: · 10s · hardcore · post-punk · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled · uk
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The second 7" by this Manchester outfit is outstanding.

For anybody into tunes this is the record.
For anybody into lyrics this is the record.

Our take: 2nd EP from this UK band and WOW... this is really tickling my fancy. While their name might make you think of a super-generic crust band, Denim & Leather are far from your bog-standard hardcore band. Sure, they're fast and loud, but their music is dense, intricate, and relentlessly interesting. The guitars in particular, are constantly doing these sharp, angular, yet extremely catchy riffs that sound like Drive Like Jehu trying to pretend like the Monorchid and Black Flag had a very, very British baby. I'm guessing that Rich from Bodykit and Whatever Brains is the only person on the planet who has any hope of parsing that simile, so I'll take another stab... imagine if instead of starting in 1977 the members of Wire were born in 1979, grew up on the tail-end of 90s punk like Fugazi, followed the DIY hardcore scene through the 00s and 10s, and then took a stab at making Pink Flag in the year 2016. The music is stark and minimal, yet intricate and dense at the same time... clearly attempting to describe this is going nowhere for me, so I'll just strongly encourage you to listen to this... if your tastes are anything like mine you definitely won't regret it.