Degenerate #16 zine with Violence Creeps flexi

Degenerate Records


ft. Martin Sorrondeguy, Pauline Oliveros chitter, plus chatter on records by Gas Rag, Soma Coma, Shopping, Deformity, The American Jobs, Pig DNA, Dribble, Nightcrawler, Noise in My Head, and this essay, "Inimitable Noise."

Our take: Latest issue of this zine by Sam Lefebvre, who you may recognize from his column in Maximumrocknroll. I'm not sure why this is the first issue of Degenerate that we're carrying, but hopefully we can keep up with them in the future as this is an excellent music zine. While about half of this issue is devoted to record and zine reviews, having the artist, title and record label info at the head of each piece is just about the only acknowledgement of music-reviewing convention. What I mean by that is that rather than describing or evaluating the music directly, Sam's writing is more open-ended and poetic, responding to the music however he deems appropriate. It's a lot more organic and interesting, and reminds me of some of Shiva's writing in Accept the Darkness or DX's in some issues of Distort. Of course this issue also includes a two-song flexi by the Bay Area's Violence Creeps, who are a killer band, so that's all the more reason to check out this killer zine.
Tags: 10s punk zines