Decomp / Gaasp: Split 7"

Decomp / Gaasp: Split 7"

Tags: · 10s · crust · D-beat · hardcore · portland · spo-default · spo-disabled
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newest release off of the Rust and Machine label in awhile and what better one to do with good pals from my city of Portland.

On this record Decomp plays some pummeling hardcore punk with a mostly scandi influence but flirts with UK crust as the band progressed. same recording session as their 2016 Demo. Gaasp play jawbreaking swedish style hardcore in the veins of Anti-Cimex, No Security, Wolfpack and Puke.

Recorded by Adam Becker and mastered by Jack Control. This is the first vinyl output by both bands, and while Gaasp has now disbanded, Decomp will soon have a release out on the Portland cult label Whispers in Darkness. both bands feature members of the old Houston band Iskallt Regn, and on this recording Decomp has members of Mundo Muerto, No Fucker, Petrification, amongst others 

Our take: Split 7” from these two Portland crust bands. Decomp has a sound that lives in the fuzzy area where hardcore punk meets crust and d-beat. With metallic, Japanese HC-inspired riffing and a noisy d-beat production style, they sound like a crustier version of what New York’s Headsplitters are doing. As for Gaasp, they also start with a d-beat foundation but spice their mix with some Motorcharged riffing and big build-ups a la D.S.B. I don’t think this will convert any d-beat haters, but it’s a solid fist-pounder for the crusties.