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Debbie Downers: Eat My Skorts cassette

Debbie Downers: Eat My Skorts cassette

Tags: · 10s · australia · post-punk · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled · ukdiy
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Perth’s Debbie Downers have been around for a year or so, playing what sometimes seems to be every other week! (We are all blessed) And now we finally have their debut release. 6 tracks of short, fast and choppy DIY punk following a similar route to bands such as Kleenex/Liliput and the Petticoats (whilst adding their own tizzy flare! Complete with some tongue rolls, cow bell, tambourine, and the beaut toot!). The Debbies offer a chic-tongue-in-cheek-critique on impractical women’s fashun, tedious married life, and the inevitability of dying a spinster. However, they also luv to celebrate the finer things in life such as hunk ‘a’ spunk documentarians, a hearty panic, and living like a skort-wearing woman should. It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unewwsuel!

Limited to 150 copies

Our take: Debut cassette from this killer new band out of Perth, Australia. The label’s description mentions Kleenex / Liliput and the Petticoats as frames of reference, and while I definitely hear elements of that, to my ears Debbie Downers are a lot more traditionally punk rock than those references would indicate, reminding me as much of their fellow Perthians (Perthers? Perthagineans? Perthenesians?) Helta Skelta and other amped-up, minimalist punk/garage bands in the early Wire tradition (see the Urinals, Shitty Limits, and other bands referenced in my description of the new Gen Pop record). In other words, these songs are completely infectious (without ever tipping over the line into cheesy) but also downright explosive on the energy meter. This is the type of band that is so good that you could imagine them getting huge, but also so legit that you’d still keep liking them even after they’re playing the bigger venues in town that you don’t really go to anymore. Really top-notch stuff.