Death: Leprosy 12"

Relapse Records


Oh boy, am I excited about this one. I'm not a huge death metal guy, but the stuff I really like I really like, and I really like Death. Sometimes I feel like death metal can be (somewhat by design) kind of a boring genre, but Death are just so relentlessly catchy, which is weird because the intricacy of their riffs and tempo changes often gets them labeled as kind of a "prog-y" death metal band. I love that aspect of the band (i.e. they have riffs for MILES), but really it's the catchiness that keeps me coming back again and again, and if you're not screaming "PULL THE PLUG" along with the band then you probably have no soul (and not in the good way). Thankfully this is a totally faithful reissue, replicating the original artwork and track listing and featuring solid, powerful mastering. If you have only 5 metal records in your collection one of them should probably be either Scream Bloody Gore or Leprosy, so get on it.

Tags: 90s death metal metal recommended reissues