Dawn of Humans: Slurping at the Cosmos Spine 12"

Toxic State Records


One of the most anticipated releases of 2015 is finally here! As anyone who looks at this site regularly knows, I've been a big proponent of the New York scene in general and Toxic State Records in particular for quite some time. They've been completely crushing it for several years now, and every time I think that I'm starting to get a bit bored with the NYC scene a new record comes out that ups the ante and reinvigorates my love for this scene. Such is the case with this Dawn of Humans LP. I've been a big fan of their last few 7"s and was very much looking forward to this LP, but thankfully this is far more than just an extension of their earlier work... it's more like a natural progression. The biggest change you'll notice right away is that the production is a lot cleaner this time around; I mean, it's still really nasty, but you can hear every instrument clearly and distinctly. That's important because I feel like the interplay between the different instruments is really what makes Dawn of Humans a great band. While most punk bands tend to write songs around riffs and dynamic shifts in tempo, volume, key, etc., DoH's songs are these Rube Goldberg-like mazes of parts that, on their own, are almost absurdly simple, but come together into this truly amazing tapestry of sound. While their music has all of the intensity of hardcore and punk, I feel like from a songwriting standpoint DoH have more in common with Krautrock or minimalist classical music (or maybe even the Fall?) than just about any hardcore band I can think of. As usual, Toxic State also goes all out on the packaging job, with screen printed jackets, hand-stamped labels, a lyric sheet, and a huge poster. Without a doubt one of the most essential releases of 2015.

Tags: 10s new york nyc punk raw recommended