Daudyflin: Drepa Drepa 7"

Daudyflin: Drepa Drepa 7"

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I always searching for great people, making great music and this time I found an outstanding band in Iceleand. A Noisy, raw, energetic, dirty, feminist PUNK BAND, packed in a wave full of reverbed guitar work. Born in Reykjavík and with a great Demo Tape under their belt, Dauðyflin presenting us their first proper EP. And it's even more gnarlier and uglier than their previous work. Someone is obviously mad at you and you were just caught in the middle of this sonic mess presented by Dauðyflin.

The ep just explodes out of the speakers, but it's more than just the in-the-red production that generates the intensity. The riffing is just truly wild and off the wall. They definitely have some POGO vibes going on thanks to the bubbly, front-of-the-snare-kick -mix , but I think that they have a little bit more three dimensionality to their sound than most bands flying the pogo punk flags.

The first outstanding part, rather than focusing on the bouncy rhythms and simple melodies, is the complete brooding, dark, and heavy ugly feeling on the complete record. While the next thing that stuck out, obviously, were the vocals. There are so many ways to approach the hardcore punk vocal but rarely have I heard the howl employed so effectively.

All in all the ramshackle drums, crazy vocals, and the early Italian HC spirit made me fall in love with this band. The raw production and quirky arrangements that put the bass right up front and make it carry much of the weight of the songs feels good, as good as possible for that kind of freak out dark punk music.

This could be the soundtrack to some weird psychedelic punk haunted house movie. So all in all we have an infectious guitar riff- vocal scream dynamic hardcore punk record from the first iceland based hardcore punk band i have ever heared. In my opinion essential, believe the hype!

Mastered by genius Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Our take: Vinyl debut from this band out of Iceland, of all places. Iceland has a tiny population, and like the punk rock that comes from out-of-the-way, underpopulated sections of the US (like the deep south, for instance), Daudyflin's take on hardcore is shot through with idiosyncrasies. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is hardcore, but it's hardcore as seen in a cracked mirror. I'm reminded a lot of Good Throb's early stuff in the way that these songs manage to be at the same time primitive and jagged, but also really catchy and memorable... and the singer's venomous bark definitely recalls Ellie from Good Throb as well. If you're into the more progressive end of the New York / Toxic State scene--bands like Dawn of Humans, L.O.T.I.O.N., Nandas, etc.--you'll probably like this as well, though Daudyflin are a lot better produced, which gives those interesting idiosyncrasies the opportunity to shine through a little bit better. Also, caution: skronky sax ahead! I fucking love skronky sax, but I'm pretty sure Jeff lifted the needle off the record the second he heard it! While the artwork on this may cause you to skip it over thinking it's some generic pizza thrash, this is definitely one of the best records to come through this month, up there with any of the artsy primitivism coming out of New York or London.