Dark Thoughts: S/T 12"

Stupid Bag Records


FINALLY this LP is available! Fast as fuck Ramones worship punk. 12 songs in a little over 19 minutes. You won't stop flipping this record over and over. sorry.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this Philadelphia band featuring Jim who also plays in the great Machine Gun. No Love played a show with Dark Thoughts a while back and when they played our collective jaw was on the floor... we couldn't believe 1. that there was a band playing this style and 2. that they were so freaking good! That style is total Lookout! Records-style pop-punk... there is a lot of Ramones in the equation, but with slightly bouncier rhythms and sunnier melodies than straight up Ramones worship bands. If you still revisit records from Lookout!-era Screeching Weasel and the Queers, early Green Day, and the like then you will flip over this... in this day and age most bands just can't get the combination of salty and sweet right on record, but Dark Thoughts are master chefs. Also, ever since I saw them it had been bothering me that Jim's voice sounded just like someone but I couldn't place it, and Jeff nailed it on the first listen: he sounds just like the guy from Bouncing Souls. I know I've been dropping a lot of pretty polished pop-punk references here, but this is raw, nasty, and definitely PUNK, and unless you have a total version to melody this is a must-hear. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s melodic pop-punk punk recommended