Dangus Tarkus: S/T 7"

Lumpy Records


New single on Lumpy! If you like recent stuff like Erik Nervous, Rik & the Pigs or Mark Cone you'll love this!

Our take: You might be forgiven for spinning this debut 7" from Dangus Tarkus one time and assuming it's pretty standard Lumpy fare, but the more I listen to these three songs the more I think there's more going on here. Like a lot of Lumpy bands, Dangus Tarkus rely on high-pitched, almost novelty-type vocals and herky-jerky, devo-esque rhythms, but rather than the synth-infused approach a lot of these bands have been taking lately, Dangus Tarkus has that kind of direct-to-board guitar sound that you hear on the Coneheads LP. More importantly, though, these songs just have a lot of meat to them... the choruses are, as you'd expect, immediately catchy, but I just keep coming back to them again and again without getting sick of them. It's almost like a puzzle, because this music seems so thin on first listen, but there's a depth that reveals itself slowly. I dare say this is one of my favorite things that Lumpy has released. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s garage melodic punk raw recommended yoobl