Dangus Tarkus: Rock N Roll For the People 12"

Dig Records


After last years dazzling EP on Lumpy Records, its high time for Dangüs Tarküs’ mysterious, heretofore cassette-only, killer 2013 glam punk debut, Rock ‘n’ Roll for the People, to get a proper (limited) vinyl release! Who is Dangüs and what’s a Tarküs you ask (after all the searches of Google, Wiki and the works fail to reveal the truth…)? Dangüs Tarküs is the alter ego of Joe Sussman. So who is Joe Sussman? Joe Sussman – among other distinctions – is the front dude and guitar guru of NANCY (Brooklyn come Chicago’s dynamo punk duo). Loyal NANCY fans will recognize Dangüs Tarküs originals on the album (like “My Josie”, “Inverted Kingdom” and “Hot Love”) from NANCY’s sizzling live sets, fleshed out here and tracked with a full band (although little else is known of the rhythm section, comprised of bassist Tüsh M’Güsh and drummer YouTübe FartTübe). Well worth the wait and it’s weight – in meatballs, tushy tickles and every last generation of pure AM/FM gold – listeners at home can expect to find the best mutant punk blasts since the age of new records from The Spits (on bangers like “Apocalloyd” and “Brain Teaser”). Pressed for 45 RPM and lovingly remastered and cut at +5DB, it’s legitimately loud at ANY volume! And much like any serious Rock’n’Roll effort, this platter summons it’s kindred spirits and primordial forbearers in a slew of covers, ranging from the classics (Sparks and Nikki & the Corvettes) to the more obscure and underappreciated (Pantherman). They’re reinvented here, and newly indispensable – like all the songs The Cramps ever taught us! Desperate times call for Dangüs Tarküs; now let Rock’n’Roll for the People ring-a-ding-ding!!!

Our take: Second record from this solo project from Joe Sussman, who you may also know as one half of Sorry State favorites Nancy. Well, if you like Nancy, I think there's a good chance that you'll really like Dangus Tarkus too, particularly on this record. Toeing the line between Ramones-influenced punk and power-pop about as perfectly as one could imagine, Dangus Tarkus combines the propulsive energy of the former style with the sophisticated pop sensibilities of the latter. It's a real peanut butter and chocolate type of scenario... actually, it may even be better than that because Dangus Tarkus's style effectively removes the annoying parts of both genres. Ramones-influenced punk can be really one-dimensional and have little variation, while power pop can sound too wimpy and glossy, but Dangus Tarkus takes only the best from each genre and leaves the rest on the curb. If you're grabbing the Midnite Snaxxx LP (and you should be) I'd suggest adding this one as well since it has a similar sensibility and is similarly great. Highly recommended.
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