Dag Nasty: Dag with Shawn 12"

Dischord Records


Dischord releases another little 'sum 'sum from the vaults, this time it's the first demo by Dag Nasty with their original singer, Shawn Brown (who later went on to form Swiz). This stuff has been out there before, long making the rounds in tape trading circles and even getting a vinyl releases on the now-defunct Selfless Records. I remember hearing this for the first time and being blown away by the fact that all of those words that Dave Smalley barked out with such earnest passion on the first Dag Nasty LP weren't, at least for the most part, written by him at all! Admittedly it's a little jarring hearing these versions after being familiar with the Smalley versions for so long... the music is basically exactly the same, but Shawn Brown has more of a harDCore-style bark than the melodic roar that Smalley would lay down on these tracks. However, this is a slice of history and I know many, many people vastly prefer these versions. As with all of Dischord's recent reissues, this one has been remastered exquisitely and sounds f***ing amazing. Includes free mp3 download. Dischord Records

Tags: 80s melodic punk reissues yoobl