Curmudgeon: Amygdala 12"

Not Normal Records


Debut 12" (though it's only 1-sided) from this Boston hardcore band. Musically, this is blown-out, nasty and noisy hardcore with a lot of punk in the mix. I'm not sure if there's a name for this genre, but there are elements of d-beat/crust, metal (specifically the kind of bulldozer thrash of the Catharsis / Integrity school) and gnarly, throat-shredding vocals that still have a little bit of catchiness to them. The tempos vary greatly and there seems to be something musically interesting about every second on this record. That attention to detail also carries through the packaging, which is an incredible piece of work, including 2-sided, screen-printed foldover covers, screened dust jackets and a screened obi strip. Not Normal Records

Tags: metal noisy USA USHC