CT85: S/T cassette

CT85: S/T cassette

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Who or what is a CT-85?

The harbingers of Hardcore 2018? Elitist jabbing at mid-paced mediocrity? A series of clandestine government experimentations? An underground militia dedicated to society's destruction?

Nah, mate, just some punks from Chicago.

CT-85's first analog outing, a necessary demonstration of speed and fury, releases October 2nd, 2018 in a first press edition of 100, on clear cassette, with 11 possible variations of the cover done by the members of the band. 

Our take: Nine-track demo from this new Chicago band, and they’re up there with Alienation and Suck Lords as one of the fastest pure hardcore bands around. While those bands are dark and gritty, CT85 is more punk. The Neos seem to be a big influence for CT85, particularly how they combine impossibly fast drumming with a punkier riffing style. CT85 also has an arty element unique among bands that play at tempos this fast. Ralph from Not Normal is in CT85, and like his previous group the Bug, the sound is loose, occasionally devolving into a wash of pure noise, like on the intro to “The One About Your Boss.” There’s also some dissonant, Die Kreuzen style riffing, most notably on “Punk Frat.” If you love the Neos, the first Meat Puppets 7”, or more recent stuff like the Bug and Das Drip you will know and like where CT85 is coming from.