Crude Humor: Jeri's Grill cassette

Not Normal Records


Nine (!!!) song demo from this Chicago punk band, and for my money it's the pick of Not Normal's particularly strong current litter. Yeah, this is just a demo and it's pretty raw, but what I like about Crude Humor is that they're a snotty hardcore band that seems to take a little bit of influence from the current Northwest Indiana scene. In that respect they sound a little bit like their labelmates Ooze, but not precisely. What they really sound like to me are a long-lost band from the We Got Power compilation (my favorite punk comp of all time, BTW). Unlike a lot of fast hardcore bands, they aren't one-dimensional. They definitely have the grit, snot, and songwriting chops that has defined rare talents within the scene across the decades (everyone from the Freeze to Sick Pleasure to Career Suicide), but they combine the straightforward aggression and snot with quirky rhythms that signify a different punk lineage: the one running from Wire's Pink Flag through the Minutemen and all the way to modern bands like the Coneheads and Ooze. It's a powerful combination that really does provide the best of both worlds, and you can bet I'm going to be playing the hell out of this demo for a long time to come. Highly recommended!
Tags: 10s chicago hardcore midwest punk raw recommended