Crucified Class: Promo 2023 cassette
Crucified Class: Promo 2023 cassette

Crucified Class: Promo 2023 cassette

Tags: · hardcore · hcpmf · oi! · portland · UK82
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NOTE: Cassette j-cards printed in assorted colors. Selected at random for orders.

Oi!/UK82 style punk from Portland.

Our take: Four songs of catchy hardcore punk from this new band from Portland. On first listen, Crucified Class reminded me of another double C band, Caustic Christ, and that’s high praise from me! Like Caustic Christ, Crucified Class’s sound rides a line between US-style hardcore and UK82 punk, with the latter’s bouncy rhythms and hooky riffs delivered with the former’s heaviness and brisk tempos. It reminds me of North American bands like Toxic Reasons that kind of sounded like UK bands, or UK bands like Ultra Violent that had US hardcore-style elements. I also hear lots of Poison Idea, which comes out both in the straightforward hardcore parts and the more rock and roll-ish riffing that pops up here and there. All four songs are a little different from one another, which I like, and the slightly hazy production is exactly what I want hardcore punk to sound like. Just listen to “Message from a War Cult…” what a track! It goes from this kind of Killing Joke-meets oi! verse to a huge, anthemic chorus that reminds me of Direct Control fist-pumpers like “Plea for Peace,” and even makes room for a wah-wah guitar solo. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks. Whatever this tape is promoting, count me in.