Crow: Who Killed Dove 7"
Crow: Who Killed Dove 7"

Crow: Who Killed Dove 7"

Tags: · 80s · crust · d-beat · hardcore · japan · raw · recommended · reissues
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30th year aniversary fanclub edition limited to 300 copies with all original artwork plus a bonus sticker.

Our take: Say what you will about the larger ethical issues surrounding the whole "unofficial reissue / fan club" market, but it seems impossible to deny that there is a whole continuum of care that can go into producing one of these things, from the cheap "paste a photocopy onto a white DJ sleeve" cash-in to the meticulous homage to an unobtainable original (a la the recent reissue of G.I.S.M.'s M.A.N.). This boot of Who Killed Dove falls decidedly in the latter camp. It's pretty much an exact repro of the original pressing, duplicating the fold-out poster cover with nice, heavy cardstock, reprinting the original labels, and reproducing the sound at maximum fidelity (though, of course, this is a very raw record to start with). Musically, I think that Crow's later output leaves these earliest tracks in the dust (that can happen when you remain a band for 20-25 years!), but it's hard to deny the outsider charm of the psychedelically fractured lyrics and the cavernous, rhythm guitar-less production. Even if Crow hadn't persevered for so long I'm sure Who Killed Dove would retain its rightful place in the canon of weird Japanese punk obscurities. Highly recommended.