Crazy Spirit: S/T 12"

Toxic State Records


As an unabashed Crazy Spirit superfan, this record is EVERYTHING I wanted their debut LP to be. I loved the demo, thought "I'm Dead" was one of the best punk songs of the past decade, but ultimately thought the EP wasn't quite up to the band's previous standards, but this LP is just wall to wall hits. Nearly every track here is as classic as "I'm Dead," and easily bests the demo as the most essential Crazy Spirit record to date. The band still sounds the same, but they're just writing better, more memorable songs... better riffs, classic vocals and lyrics, and tons of deceptively complex dynamic interplay between the instruments. Top it off with a packaging job that bests their other records (including a HUGE and awesome screen-printed poster and an extensive lyric booklet wherein each song is heavily illustrated) and you have probably the most essential punk record of 2012, at least as far as I'm concerned. For those of you who thought there was no more original, memorable punk music to be made, get this LP and prove yourself dead wrong. Toxic State Records

Tags: 10s noisy nyc punk raw