Cracked Vessel: No Path 12"

Hip Kid Records


Finally, a full length from Chicago's CRACKED VESSEL sees the light of day. Years in the works, these eight songs see the band at their most ambitious, creative, and aggressive yet. Hardcore punk backbone underneath searing black metal blasts melded into song structures that demand repeat listens.
Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in hand-assembled screen-printed jackets, hand drawn and stamped center labels, and numbered half-sized, full color booklet inserts.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this band out of Chicago. I suppose that it's probably appropriate to call them black metal, it's by no means a by-the-book affair. The most prominent other influence here is hardcore, from whose many sub-sub-genres Cracked Vessel borrow a lot of interesting things, like dry, heavy production, the stomping rhythms of bands like Hoax, the chaos of Gravity Records / screamo-type stuff, and even some chiming melody that has an almost Revolution Summer-type of vibe to it. It's a long LP that is densely packed with ideas, and consequently I feel like I've barely wrapped my head around it... if you like similarly dense albums that stand up to--perhaps even require--repeated plays this one is definitely for you. Also, the cover art cracks me up every time I look at it... a 2-color screen print where one of the colors is just a little mark that looks like an accidental paint smudge. Limited to only 200 copies, so if you think you're interested I wouldn't sleep on this.
Tags: 10 black metal chicago hardcore metal midwest