Concrete Cross: S/T 12"

Man in Decline Records

$6.00 $11.00

Debut 12" from this NYHC band featuring Artie Phillie from Indecision on vocals, as well as assorted ex-members of Sick of Talk, Disnihil, and Celebrity Murders. This is a bit more straightforward hardcore than those references would lead one to believe... as the label description notes, the vocals on this sound quite a lot like Mike Dean from COC, but the music is much faster and more blistering than most of Animosity; it almost sounds like COC if they had recorded a record between Eye for an Eye and Animosity, and has also listened to a good bit of Slayer and Voivod during the same period. In other words, this is blistering fast hardcore with just a dash of metal mixed in to keep it interesting. Man in Decline Records

Tags: 10s metal USA USHC