Cold Meat: Jimmy's Lipstick 7" (new)

Helta Skelta Records


The debut 7" from this new band from Perth, Australia. Cold Meat bring you four tracks of snotty, snarky feminist punk which takes cues from somewhere in between the Electric Eels and the Nixe, as well as contemporary London punk. Although, really, this is just raw terse punk played with a certain amount of aggression and despair. You can feel years of anger and frustration condensed down into a four track / nine minute fuck you to toxic relationships, subjection and self doubt. Helta Skelta / Static Shock Records.

Our take: I wouldn't been worried that Cold Meat would be downright sick of being compared to Good Throb by now, but I just read an interview the other day where one of the members cited them as a very direct influence, so I'm just going to go ahead and say it... Cold Meat sound a lot like Good Throb. They have the same combination of primitive aggression and swagger that make Good Throb so great, though I'd say that, on this recording at least, they don't hit the extremes at either end; in other words, there's nothing as confrontational as "The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock," nor nothing as overtly poppy as "Double White Denim." Still, this is some primitive, pounding, memorable, and supremely catchy punk, and if you dug the sound of the first two Good Throb EPs (who didn't?), I'd highly recommend checking this out.
Tags: 10s australia female-fronted post-punk punk recommended