Code 13: They made a Wasteland and Called It Peace 7"

Havoc Records


Coming hot on the heels of the Doomed Society EP They Made a Wasteland is sort of a State of the Scene Address from the hardcore underground. A breathless report from the front as hardcore experienced a massive explosion of popularity and renewed interest as well as an assault of commercialism and regressive attitudes. Larger political issues to a back seat to confronting poseurs, sell-outs and religious extremists trying to corrupt the true spirit of hardcore. The line-up is the same as the first 7" although we had two different second guitar players around this time neither stuck with us. Musically very similar to the first 7" fast paced straight ahead hardcore with a variety of influences. Hardcore for the Kids and Shady Acres are downright melodic in the old California 80's style while Armed to the Teeth is total grindcore and the rest are punk thrashers. Havoc Records

Tags: 90s fast USA