Clean, the: Oddities 2x12"

540 Records


Vinyl re-release for this old cassette compilation, which brings together various outtakes and detritus from the Clean recorded between 1980 and 1982. If you don't know the Clean, they were the flagship band of the "Kiwi invasion" of the early 80s: a group of bands from New Zealand who took influence in equal parts from the UK post-punk scene and pure pop. The result was a music that was at once cerebral and visceral, with all of the rush of a great pop song and all of the intellectual rewards of post-punk, which in many other hands was often kind of dour. As the liner notes state, this is not simply a group of songs that weren't good enough for other releases... the Clean were just bursting with creativity during this period, and their numerous official albums and EPs simply weren't enough to contain everything. Features gorgeous packaging and brilliantly remastered sound. Highly recommended! 540 Records

Tags: '77 & KBD Australia/NZ post-punk reissues