Chroma: Cuerpos Dociles 12"

Hysteria Records

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"Chroma is a new band from Barcelona consisting of 3 ladies who formerly and currentyl played in Las Otras, Rakta, Invisibles, Siega and others. Churning, mechanically, repetitive, primal, haunted-factory music. Too punk to fit the mold of their industrial influences" -Dripper World.

Our take: Debut LP from this new band out of Barcelona whose demo cassette we carried a few weeks ago. I have to admit, this one is a tough one to figure out. One the one hand, there's a undeniable hit here--the second track, whose name I can't seem to figure out because there isn't a clearly-formatted track listing anywhere on the record--but it's kind of an anomaly on a record that sucks you in in a completely different way. That one track reminds me of the raw, anthemic La Misma LP, but the rest of it reminds me a lot of Brazil's Rakta (with whom Chroma apparently share at least one member). Rakta are one of those bands that I just can't figure out... their melodies and song structures are so complex and subtle that it really takes a lot of attentive listens for them to emerge from the din. Chroma works in a similar way... most of the songs here have a cold, industrial feel that reminds me, in a way, of bands like Killing Joke or Siekiera, but both of those bands occasionally give the listener a big, anthemic chorus to balance out the atmosphere. Cuerpos Dociles offers fewer of those moments of clarity and more moments of that dense, intimidating, almost oppressive fog. It's difficult music, more 17 Seconds or Pornography than "Love Song" or "Close to Me" if you know what I'm saying, but if you like that cold, distant post-punk sound that keeps the listener at arm's length you'll flip for this.
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