Chaos Tribe: Manicomio 7" flexi (new)

Nightrider Records

$6.38 $7.50

Gnarly, noisy hardcore in the tradition of Confuse and Gai.

Our take: Three songs crammed onto one side of a flexi from this noise-punk band out of Fresno, California. This is pretty by-the-numbers stuff with manic pogo drums, a guitar that sounds more like a dentist's drill than a musical instrument, and bubbly bass lines. Since they stick so close to the formula a lot of it comes down to the vocals, and rather than going for the snotty sneer that many of these bands use, Chaos Tribe have more of a hardcore bark. While no one would claim this is genre-defining or genre-transcending stuff, fans of the style will no doubt be able to pump their fist hard to this.
Tags: 10s 2lkj20n hardcore noisy primitive raw yoobl