Chainsaw: See Saw 7"

No Good Records

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Reissue of this 1978 punker that the sticker on the front claims is the very first Belgian punk single, and who am I to argue? With these second-wave bands I feel like you can always trace their lineage back to the Sex Pistols (souped-up glam), the Buzzcocks (power-pop), the Clash (riff-driven agit-prop), or the Damned (hi-energy rock and roll), and there's no doubt that Chainsaw put all of their eggs in the Damned basket. This is just mega high-energy, riff-driven rock and roll that takes the vibe of 50s rock and roll and melds it to the amphetamine rush of the late 70s. It's kind of crazy that this came out in 1978, because in a blind taste test I would be more apt to compare this to any number of 90s garage-punk bands. Indeed, this almost sounds like it could have been released on Rip Off Records, and if it had been it probably would be thought of as the best single on that label. If you're the type who describes the music you listen to as "rock and roll" (as opposed to "rock," "punk," "KBD," "hardcore," or just about any other term), this here is a mandatory purchase.

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