Brutal Knights: Living By Yourself 12"

Deranged Records


Twelve minutes of the funny-as-shit, fast-as-hell punk rock this band have become known for, Living by Yourself is probably the dirtiest sounding thing these Toronto hooligans have ever released. And it works perfectly. While Nick Flanagan’s lovably asinine lyricism gets a little lost in the grit, that’s a small price to pay for something so awesome sounding. Plus, that’s what inserts are for. Also, some mention has to be made of the art, which alone is a pretty compelling reason to buy this twelve-inch and not wait for the CD release that’s supposedly in the works. If you like things that are fast, dirty and remind you of why it was awesome to be alive/wish you were alive in 1978, you probably already love Brutal Knights. Here’s a little more to love.
Tags: 00s hardcore punk