Broken Bones: Dem Bones 12"

Broken Bones: Dem Bones 12"

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Re-issue of classic, 1984 debut studio LP by the ex-Discharge speed-metal punk band, packaged in original gatefold sleeve artwork with lyrics. Unavailable on vinyl for over a decade!


Broken Bones formed in 1983 by members of leading hard-core punk band, Discharge. The ‘Dem Bones’ LP was first released on Fall Out Records in 1984, produced by Clay Records’ Mike Stone who had also produced Discharge.


Broken Bones added a metallic crunch to their sound without ever sacrificing any of the power and aggression, influencing many bands to come. From the ‘Potteries’ area, Stoke-On-Trent, they issued two 7”, Decapitated and Crucifix prior to the album, and later Seeing Thru My Eyes, all fast and furious anthems and UK indie chart Top 10 entries.


The Discharge twin brothers of Bones (guitar) and Tezz (bass) were joined by Baz (drums) and Nobby (vocals). Tezz soon went to the USA, where he played with UK Subs, Ministry, and others. The ‘Dem Bones’ line-up is Bones, Baz, Oddy & Nobby. Packaged as the original in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics. New DMM cut.