Bratmobile: Pottymouth 12"

Kill Rock Stars Records


So, it looks like Kill Rock Stars is digging into the vaults and reissuing some of their classic records, and I'm stoked that they've given some of their attention to Bratmobile. I'm sure that now until the end of the time Bratmobile will be associated with Riot Grrrl thanks to their close association with Bikini Kill (and doubtlessly they were a big part of that movement), but I've always found them a uniquely interesting band. Their later records (particularly the smoking Ladies, Women, and Girls) are some of the best straight-up rocking punk records the 90s had to offer. As with Bikini Kill, it's so easy to forget that in addition to platforms for political and cultural statements these were also great freaking bands. Anyway, Pottymouth is certainly a formative work for Bratmobile, and I think betrays their roots in the K Records / Beat Happening sound far more than the tight, punchy garage they would go on to produce later. It's still great and there are moments of fist-pumping brilliance, but at the end of the day this is probably something that would appeal more to fans of 80s and 90s DIY and twee... which I can certainly get down with, but let's hope there are more Bratmobile reissues on the way.

Tags: 90s female-fronted melodic punk recommended reissues