Boysetsfire: After the Eulogy 12"

Boysetsfire: After the Eulogy 12"

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25th Anniversary Vinyl LP Reissue Remastered by Grammy Award-Winning Engineer Paul Blakemore

Craft Recordings present reissues of Boysetsfire's second and third albums, After the Eulogy and Tomorrow Come Today, in celebration of the post-hardcore band's 25th anniversary. Available on vinyl for the very first time, both reissues have been remastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Paul Blakemore. Each album features new interviews with band members and in-depth liner notes from Jan Schwarzkamp, editor of Germany's Visions music magazine, plus archival photos of the band.

Formed in 1994 by singer Nathan Gray, guitarists Josh Latshaw and Chad Istvan, bassist Darrell Hyde, and drummer Matt Krupanski, Boysetsfire marries old-school hardcore with melodic, punk-rock hooks and politically charged, socially conscious lyrics. The band released their debut full-length, The Day the Sun Went Out, in 1997, and soon captured the attention of a loyal fanbase, thanks to their intense live shows and their passionate, left-wing messages. Following a successful run with the Vans Warped Tour, the group released their sophomore effort, 2000's After the Eulogy, which Kerrang! magazine describes as "one of the most formidable records of its time."

Frustrated by an overall sense of political apathy in the hardcore and punk scenes at the turn of the millennium, After the Eulogy served as a call to action. "No other bands were really singing about political issues, social issues," recalls Gray. "It wasn't like a hardcore/punk scene that you might see somewhere else...I wanted [our fans] to get angry. Why aren't you pissed off about what you're seeing? That doesn't affect you? How does that not affect you?" Originally released on Victory Records, After the Eulogy pushed Boysetsfire to the next level, not only raising their profile domestically but also in Europe – particularly in Germany.