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Booji Boys: S/T 12"

Booji Boys: S/T 12"

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Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada and featuring members of Fragment, Grump, Negative Rage, Science Project, Alienation, etc.... BOOJI BOYS

From the first time I heard this band I fell in love. Stupidly catchy hooks and melodies offset with the best warbled/ distorted vocals. It's the best. If you want reference points, think kinda Coneheads/ Liquids but totally mixed with some pop, with of course a little DEVO. It's raw, undistilled, fucked up punk rock 'n roll, there's an urgency that drags you in, ain't no stopping Booji Boys.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this Canadian band, and it's getting a lot of (deserved) attention. Booji Boys are one of those bands that just seems to hit at the right time with a sound that is utterly fresh and perfect for the times... their sound is so fully-formed and so distinctive that you almost wonder why no one has done it before. Basically, they take a foundation of power-pop / melodic (pop?) punk, play it with the manic tempos and muscularity of hardcore, and filter the whole thing through super noisy, shoegaze-type production. The end effect is that it sounds like a pop band drowning in a sea of distortion and effects and scrambling frantically to stay alive. The first thing that strikes you is the urgency, but once you start paying closer attention you begin to hear the songs themselves, which are uniformly fantastic... in fact, it's kind of amazing that they've managed to cram so many pop hits onto this LP. Part of me can't help but wonder what they'd sound like with a production style that laid the melodies bare, but in the meantime this has been in heavy rotation for a couple of weeks and shows no signs of losing my interest.