Bongzilla: Amerijuanican 12"

Relapse Records


With a king-sized sound as gargantuan as the towering monster from which their moniker is derived, Bongzilla lit up the modern-day rock world with 2005's Amerijuanican. Blending industrial-sized, vertigo-inducing riffs with a sludgy, fuzzy crunch and hedonistic, yet harassed message, the single-minded quartet burn with a bad ass bent reserved for rock and roll titans. A celebration of a decade of dealing medicinal music, Bongzilla's Amerijuanican leaves you in a smoky trance. Bongzilla's fourth and final full-length is being repressed on vinyl in 2015 for the first time in ten years courtesy of Relapse Records in celebration of the label's 25th anniversary!
Tags: 00s 112715 metal reissues stoner metal