Blazing Eye: Ways to Die 7"

Overdose Records


Brand new EP from Blazing Eye!

Our take: Brand new 4-song 7" from Blazing Eye, and I think that at this point it's safe to say that they've established their reputation as one of the very best current punk bands on planet earth. If you loved their first 7" but thought Lonely Corpse was a little goofy I'd strongly urge you to check back in with Blazing Eye, because these four tracks are pure power. It's hard to figure out what's so great about Blazing Eye because the music is pretty straightforward, but it's executed with exactly the explosive energy that hooked me on punk in the first place. I literally can't sit still when I listen to this record, and I bet that if you played it for your grandma she'd toss her walker to the side and break out into a pogo. This is pure, unrestrained energy captured on vinyl, and it is utterly infectious. Highest possible recommendation. Now WHERE IS THE LP?
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore raw recommended