Blazing Eye: Lonely Corpse 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


LA's BLAZING EYE return with two new tracks of devilish hardcore punk in the vein of MOBS or ZOUO. The Japanese hardcore influence is prevalent on "Brain" which has an infectious guitar riff- vocal scream dynamic punctuated by a perfect Bristol Beat which will have you screaming like a bloody mess without you even noticing. "Lonely Corpse" on the flip has a stomp dirgy beat perfect to dance like a worm on a devastated city ran by cyborgs. A perfect punk single with two really catchy and memorable songs which show blazing eye at the top of their game. 

Our take: I cannot figure out what makes Blazing Eye so good. On their earlier releases they had that unmistakable (and very, very difficult to reproduce) G.I.S.M. vibe, and while that's still somewhat the case on Lonely Corpse, this also sounds like a band who has fully digested their influences and are confident enough to just be themselves and bash out what comes naturally. The transition sort of reminds me of how Crazy Spirit moved from their demo-era material to what appeared on their full-length. In retrospect, the earlier material from both bands seemed a bit self-conscious because was so particular about how the style and voice were presented, but later material just owns that style and uses it in the service of something more primal and immediate. I guess that's "maturity," but not maturity in the sense of complexity or sophistication... just more comfortable in its own skin. No one probably understands what I mean by all of this jibber-jabber, but what I'm trying to say is that these two songs rip, and point in a really promising direction for Blazing Eye. Also, props for some of the coolest artwork this side of original Misfits singles.
Tags: 10s california d-beat hardcore punk raw recommended yoobl