Bl'ast!: Blood 12"

Southern Lord Records


Long-awaited remix/remaster of this classic Bl'ast! LP. I know there's some controversy out there in internet-land over the extent to which this has been remastered, remixed, or otherwise altered, but I have to say whatever the process, I personally think this is much better than the original. It's in My Blood was never a record that I listened to very much (since Power of Expression is obviously the go-to Bl'ast! record), but I've been listening to this a ton since it came out. So, basically, whatever Dave Grohl / Southern Lord have done has elevated this from an album I thought was just OK to one I think is pretty ragin'. So, it has my personal endorsement if that means anything to you. Southern Lord Records

Tags: 80s gb325 reissues USA USHC yoobl